Having researched the top fish trends for this year, it got me thinking about general hotel and travel trends. This year is going to be a tumultuous one. With Brexit, Trump and wider disruption all affecting our lives, how will this be reflected in our travel plans?

Here’s what I think.

More local tourism

More and more people are choosing to spend some or all of their holidays at home in the UK. Despite the weather, it seems holidaymakers are comfortable with what they know, happy with the stability of our government and currency and think it more enjoyable to avoid lengthy air travel by spending time by the British seaside.

I think this will continue and perhaps escalate this year. While Trump doesn’t have much impact on British tourism directly, the uncertainty he creates will surely put people off even considering holidaying there. I think Brexit will do the same for Europe. While some people I know are crossing the Channel while they can still enjoy free passage, many lament the lower value of the pound versus the Euro and are staying at home instead.

More personal touch

There is a quiet revolution going on that doesn’t get much media attention. That is the decision to slowly pull away from technology and go old school. Calling people instead of texting them, going to the shops instead of buying online and not allowing social media to control so much of your life.

I think this will continue. I have experienced first-hand more people calling the North Ocean Hotel and booking over the telephone than ever before. While lots of people still book online, either directly or through a booking site, lots of you are doing it the old fashioned way. I think that is great!

Even more personal touch

One comment we get a lot here at the hotel is that we make everyone feel welcome and that they are truly valued and respected. We often get told we make people feel part of the family and get a lot of return visits for just that reason. It’s on purpose. I love people and it is exactly the kind of treatment I want when I go on holiday.

Online check ins and unattended check-outs are fine for productivity and efficiency but you lose something important if you go that way. It is not something the North Ocean Hotel will ever consider that’s for sure.

That said, technology still has an important part to play in accommodation. Some people still like to book online, most guests want a good Wi-Fi signal, many value a good quality TV in the room and a good selection of channels. We will continue to offer all of those things for the foreseeable future.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I think this year will be a good one. Challenging yes, but a great year to be British!