The North Ocean Hotel is open throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day. While the typical V-day is very commercialised, we think it’s still an important day for those with someone special. We do agree with critics who say you should show appreciation and love every day, not just once a year, but it’s too good an excuse to miss for couples.

Getting away from it all is an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day and we are ready to welcome you. If you’re looking for other ideas to make the day special, we have a few here.

Dinner a day early

We don’t hike our prices on Valentine’s Day like many restaurant in Blackpool but we do get very busy. You can avoid all that by dining the night before. It’s a Saturday so you can stay up later, enjoy an extra bottle of wine or a nightcap and not have to worry about getting up the next morning.

Sleep in on Sunday

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, giving you the perfect excuse to have a lie in. If you’re usually up with the birds, staying in bed for a cuddle or more is a great way of showing someone you care. Bringing them breakfast in bed or having room service delivered is another way to begin as you mean to go on.

Talk, a lot

Communication is key in any relationship and it’s important to make your other half feel valued in this way. Spending the entire day together talking and listening is a great way to bond, sort out issues, get to know more of each other and spend quality time together. It doesn’t cost anything either!

Get personal

Valentine’s Day is now more about what you buy someone than what you mean to someone. We would like to turn that on its head and suggest making something instead of buying it. It could be making a card, a gift, a box of homemade chocolates or just their favourite dinner. The personal touch goes a long, long way!

Unplug and relax

It’s important to forget the world for a while and enjoy the company of someone special. So turn off your phone, don’t check emails, don’t spend hours surfing the net, unless it’s together. Relax and leave the world behind for a day, you might enjoy it.

Take one for the team

Even if you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, your other half might. Girls most certainly care about the day even if they say they don’t. It isn’t about you, it’s about them, so if you suspect your significant other is secretly or otherwise interested in Valentine’s Day, go with it.

Book your Valentine’s Day break at North Ocean Hotel today. Rooms go fast so don’t hang around!