I think this year is going to be a good year. I said that last year and while it was a good year, it was also a tumultuous one. Big changes are coming and some of them are going to work for the hotel industry and some against. However this year works out, I still think it will be a good one.

Changes are coming to the North Ocean Hotel. We are working feverishly on the new Stone Grill restaurant premises which should be open very soon. The venture will also contain some accommodation, the exact nature of which we have yet to finalise. The new restaurant is taking up all our resources and we will be both excited and glad when it finally opens!

A quick thank you to everyone

After a great Christmas and New Year it is only right that I think the staff who made it possible and the guests that made it worthwhile. You were all fantastic. To the staff, I think you for your efforts during 2016 and I look forward to working alongside you during 2017.

To the guests, I hope you enjoyed our hospitality during the last year and I hope to see you again during this year. I know some of you have already booked your Blackpool holiday with us and I’m looking forward to welcoming you once more to the North Ocean Hotel!

Looking forward to 2017

The elephant in the room for 2017 is of course Brexit. However it works out, we will still be open and functioning as usual. We expect to see more guests this year as more people stay at home because of the low value of the pound. More international guests are finding their currency now goes a lot further so we are also expecting to see more visitors from overseas. As for the rest, the subject is way too divisive for a hotel blog!

I also expect to see more direct bookings. I mentioned this once before, how more travellers are discovering that booking directly with a hotel can get them a lower room rate than using a travel website. Even when discounted, once the website takes their percentage, direct booking is usually cheaper. It also gets you more choice of room and other incentives too depending on the time of year.

So onwards and upwards, the new year begins and a new season arrives. We here at the North Ocean Hotel look forward to greeting you soon!