Blackpool is fortunate to have three world class piers. We were lucky enough to have some time off over New Year to wander along the Promenade and explore each of them. We think it’s important to stay in touch with our town, especially as guests often ask us for recommendations. How can we offer an opinion if we don’t know what’s going on?

As the piers play such a role in the attractiveness of Blackpool and they are such a nice place to spend time, we thought we would explore.

The North Pier

The North Pier in Blackpool was the first to be built back in 1863. The Victorians liked their piers as it allowed them to walk on water. The pier was designed by Eugenius Birch to be a high class pier where the local gentry would take in the sea air and enjoy the seaside.

Today, the pier still has an air of class about it. It’s Grade II listing has protected it from modernisation and ensures it remains as good looking today as it was when originally opened.

The Central Pier

The first thing you notice about Central Pier is the Ferris wheel. Standing over 100 feet high, you can see it from miles away. Despite several fires, the Central Pier still stands and still entertains. It was built in 1868 to be a pier for the people. Whereas North Pier was for strolling, Central Pier was for entertainment.

Central Pier is home to bars, restaurants, stalls and arcades and is very family oriented. It’s the kind of place you empty your small change jar into your pocket for.

The South Pier

The South Pier is the baby of the bunch, being smaller and younger than North or Central. Built in 1893, it was originally called Victoria Pier and was designed to be very family friendly from the outset. Renamed in 1930, South Pier is all about rides and games.

There is a mixture of fairground rides and arcade games here that makes it the ideal place to bring the kids. The Adrenaline Zone is great for all the family, especially when the weather is good. The arcades are ideal for when it isn’t so nice.

With very unique identities, each pier manages to be slightly different from the other despite all being piers within a short distance from each other. Whether you live in Blackpool or are just visiting, no trip to the Prom would be complete without visiting one of the piers.