The BBC One’s Rip Off Britain programme does holidays and checked out some high end hotel rooms. It found many four and five star hotels were offering much more than just a bed for the night. Or is showed you were actually sharing your room without knowing it.

The programme tested five hotel rooms across the UK to find out how much bacteria was in each one. They tested a budget room all the way up to five star and the results were surprising. Areas tested included the light switch, remote control, bed throw and bathroom door handle.

The throw was the worst for bacteria with so much living on it, it was impossible to count it all. Next up was the bathroom door handle, for obvious reasons. The glass tumbler inside bathrooms is also a prime candidate for contamination.

The five star and four star hotel tested didn’t do so well in these tests. The budget and two star did best with the three star coming somewhere in the middle. The main issue with the three star was the light switch.

North Ocean Hotel bucking the trend

Stay at the North Ocean Hotel and you should have no such concerns. Our housekeeping team are some of the best in the business and make every effort to clean ever room to the best of their ability. Our cleaning regiment ensures every room is clean, tidy and as germ free as possible.

We use top quality, environmentally friendly cleaners with a proven track record of success in tackling bacteria in high use areas. We target the areas listed above specifically because they do have a higher risk of bacterial growth, especially the tumbler, remote control, door handles and light switches. All of our throws, when used are cleaned and professionally laundered to minimise such risks.

As Gloria Hunniford said in her summary, many guests insist that room cleanliness goes beyond what you can see and is non-negotiable regardless of how much you pay for the room. Fortunately, it is something you get as standard when you stay at the North Ocean Hotel!

Book your super-clean room today and experience high star service without the high star price.