If the mild winter wasn’t enough to buoy your spirits, the recent visit from Britain’s Got Talent should have raised a smile. If not, the news that the rail link into town that is apparently coming this year should make getting to Blackpool easier. That definitely is good news!

As well as being home to Strictly, the visit by the Britain’s Got Talent gang raised more than a few cheers. Hosted at the Winter Gardens, auditions for the show attracted thousands of people from around Lancashire and further afield to try their hand at delighting the four judges.

Blackpool was very busy the day before and on the day they were here and the new energy was amazing. While we all love to laugh at some of the acts that appear on the show, nobody can argue that it doesn’t offer opportunities for people to strut their stuff on stage.

Rail improvements on the way

After a very long time seemingly ignored by Network Rail, some good news at last. It seem the rail link between Blackpool and Preston will be electrified to make travel faster and more reliable (hopefully). The stations at Kirkham and Wesham are also getting some love too.

Work will apparently begin in May 2018. While that is still a way off, the promise will begin generating interest right away.

With the M5 and M55 becoming increasingly busy, better rail links into the town are good news for all of us. As a Blackpool hotelier, I am obviously in favour of any improvement that helps people come to our town. As someone who loves the town too, I’m doubly happy that this will be happening.

Not only do better transport links help tourists get to Blackpool, they also make the town more attractive to businesses. Anything that helps offer opportunity and an economic boost is good news for all of us.

So if you’re planning to visit Blackpool by rail, your experience should soon be better than ever.

This year has got off to a flying start and if news like this keeps coming, I think 2017 is going to be a great year!